INTDIS Project - Theoretical Framework

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INTDIS Project - Theoretical Framework by Mind Map: INTDIS Project - Theoretical Framework

1. Learning: ability to access, contextualize, and apply knowledge, usually in informal environments

1.1. Taxonomy of Cognition - knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation (OPWL 535 "Principles of Adult Learning" Bloom)

1.2. More Room for Identity and Inclusion Work in Communities of Practice and Andragogic Instruction (OPWL 535 "Principles of Adult Learning")

1.3. Participatory Practices + Universal Design / Design Thinking + Ethnographic Interpretation - special skills to pay attention to agency and voice through empathy and to increase inclusion in learning and instruction (OPWL 547 "Advanced Instructional Design" - Wenger, ANTH 594 "Design Thinking" - Sandford D School, + Gibbons, COMM 520 "Culture and Conflict", OPWL 532 "Ethno Methods in Orgs" - LeCompte + Schensul)

2. Communication: how we interpret and reproduce things through talk (day-to-day interactions) and text (large structures)

2.1. Linguistic Turn - pays attention to language and communicative behaviors (COMM 507 "Org Comm Theory" Deetz)

2.2. Communication is Constitutive of Organization, including identity and learning (COMM 507 "Org Comm Theory" - Taylor)

3. Identity: the way we "show up" + communication creates subjected positions through day-to-day interactions, gender = lived experience

3.1. Trans Scholarship - seeks to disrupt assumed links between biology and social / historical / discursive creation (Proposal Reading - Stryker)

3.2. Gender Fluidity (Undergrad - Butler), therefore assumed fluidity in gendered roles for learning and organization and work, etc.

3.3. Postsructural Feminism (COMM 521 "Discourse and Identity" - Weedon)

4. Inclusive Excellence: privilege marginalized experiences, find value inherent in those experiences

4.1. Tools = BUILD Certificate, Gender Equity Center presentations, State of Idaho LCSW Safe Space Training, CARE Report training, COUN courses on career counseling and compassion fatigue