Mind-map for Hussein

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Mind-map for Hussein by Mind Map: Mind-map for Hussein

1. Designing engaging learning experiences

1.1. Use pre-assessment data

1.1.1. What are student interests?

1.1.2. What are students' zone of proximal development?

1.2. Connect to real-life contexts

1.2.1. school environment

1.2.2. classroom environment

1.2.3. local community

1.2.4. global community

2. Involving students in the planning process

2.1. Co-construct learning goals

2.2. Provide choice of completing assignments and assessments

2.3. Encourage real-life connections for student actions

2.4. Welcome student generated questions and ideas

2.5. Teach students to monitor their progress

2.6. Provide tools like rubrics, learning continua, learning outcomes in student-friendly language

3. Framework for sustained differentitation

3.1. Know your students' needs

3.1.1. Vary student groups ability interests what they can learn from each other

3.1.2. Provide opportunities to choose how to learn

3.1.3. Include hands on, visuals, manipulatives in your teaching

3.1.4. Consider individual learning styles