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1. Meaning: Team's a group of people work together to achieve tasks

2. 5 keys for team skills at the university

2.1. Team development skills

2.1.1. Forming make a group Purpose & general direction By a consultant

2.1.2. Storming opinion establish position Discuss

2.1.3. Noming General rules Accept Trust Allocating Decisions approved Deadline expect Meeting group

2.1.4. Performing

2.1.5. Adjouring

2.2. Group assignment: development subject & skills

2.2.1. List benefits Large complex project Information Idea Collaboration Motivation

2.2.2. Tackling large complex project Team get together Brainstorm intial idea research Feedback Drawn up plan & allocate tack Work task Monitoring Teamwork event Review perfomance

2.3. Developing social skills in team

2.3.1. Problem Shy Talk (idea, question) Not listen Aggresive Language difficulties Community of practice (encourage)

2.4. Develop self-concept through teams

2.4.1. Model of team roles (Belbin model) 9 steps Assess each person's score, capacity

2.5. Developing coping skills through teams

2.5.1. Individual best => Not making successful company

2.5.2. Employees able to share Acquired knowledge information can make successful company

3. Conflict resolution

3.1. Why consider conflict?

3.1.1. Corresponding personal skills

3.2. Mean by "conflict" in team (7 typical)

3.2.1. Different between individual or sub-groups

3.2.2. The present or formation of cliques

3.2.3. A desire to perform well as a team

3.2.4. Confusion or resentment allocated group roles

3.2.5. Different in perceived effort expended by individual members

3.2.6. Personality clashes

3.2.7. Cultural differences

3.3. Conflict resolution style

3.3.1. Win-win

3.3.2. Compromise

3.3.3. Win-lose

3.3.4. Agreeing to disagree

3.3.5. Giving around

3.3.6. Arbitration

3.4. Individual conflict

3.4.1. dilomacy

3.4.2. negotiation

3.4.3. creativity

3.4.4. communication

3.4.5. empathizing

3.4.6. listening

3.5. Team behavior to adopt

3.5.1. Communication

3.5.2. Openess - "no blame culture"

3.5.3. agree & move on - support

3.5.4. Celebrate success - yoy deserve it