Why Integrate Technology

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Why Integrate Technology by Mind Map: Why Integrate Technology

1. Teaching Should Be Different

1.1. The way that teaching should be doing

1.2. Must Use it Effectively

1.3. Should be lifelong learners

1.4. Should be up to date on technology to help students

2. Standards are Different

2.1. ISTE Standards (Technology Standards)

2.1.1. Copyright & Fair Use Educator 3. Citizen: c. Mentor student on safe use 3. Citizen: d. Monitor & Promote management of personal data Student 2. Digital Citizen: c. Demo an understanding of and respect for the rights...

2.1.2. Cyber bullying 2.B Engage in positive, safe, legal and ethical behavior when using technology, including social interactions online or when using networked devices 3.D A specific ISTE Educator Technology Standards this activity will help you achieve as a teacher. Model and promote management of personal data and digital identity and protect student data privacy.

2.2. Ohio Content Standards

2.2.1. Social Studies

2.2.2. Math

2.2.3. Science

2.2.4. Language Arts

2.3. Ohio Technology Standards

2.4. Should be Knowledgeable of the standards for technology

2.5. Level of technology competency expected

2.6. UDL Guidelines

2.6.1. Engagement Recruiting Interest Sustaining Effort

2.6.2. Representation

2.6.3. Action and Expression

2.7. ISTE standards for students

3. Skills are Different

3.1. 21st Century Skills

3.1.1. Creativity and Innovation

3.1.2. Communication and Collaboration

3.1.3. Research and Information Literacy

3.1.4. Critical Thinking

3.1.5. Nonlinear Thinking

3.1.6. Visual Literacy

3.1.7. Visual Thinking

3.1.8. Spatial Thinking

3.1.9. Digital Age Reflection

3.2. Should adapt curriculum to new skill set

3.3. More technologically savvy than in the past

3.4. Will help adapt to skilling 21st century

4. The World is Different

4.1. The world is much different than just a few decades ago and the demands of 21st century workplace have grown exponentially.

4.2. The 21st century world and workplaces that demands greater skills.

4.3. Technology has also changed in the workplace so much from ten years ago.

5. Students are different

5.1. Students are different because they have grown up with technology which means they learned differently.

5.2. A 21st century learner is part of a generation that has never known a world without the Internet, and computers.