Interview on Kpop idols trend of teenagers

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Interview on Kpop idols trend of teenagers by Mind Map: Interview on Kpop idols trend of teenagers

1. both interviewer and interviewee can be less attentive, which makes the real info cannot be collected

2. Inefficiency of the interview

2.1. can lead to misleading results

3. Biases of interview

4. Advantages

4.1. Easy correction of speech

4.1.1. any misunderstanding and mistake can be rectified easily

4.2. Development of relationship

4.2.1. increasing mutual understanding and co-operation between the parties

4.3. Selection of suitable candidate

4.3.1. the interview can know a lot about the candidate by this process

4.4. Sufficient information

4.4.1. interviewer can ask any question to the interviewee

4.5. Time saving

4.6. Less costly

4.7. Increase knowledge

4.7.1. interviewer and interviewee can interchange their views and ideas

5. Disadvantages

5.1. Incomplete process

5.1.1. the written test is more important than the interview

5.2. Lack of attention

5.3. Disappointed

5.3.1. interviewee may be disappointed while facing the questions not related to the field

6. Questionaires

6.1. Do you have any K-pop idols? If yes, can you tell me who and when you started following him/her?

6.2. In your opinion, in 5 idols below, who is the most famous? Number 1-5 from low to high for his/her popularity.

6.3. If someone make a joke on your idol, you will: 1. Agree with them - 2. Say nothing and ignore them - 3. Implicitly hate them - 4. Fight!

6.3.1. it is very simple, prompt and low cost method of communication Collecting of primary information

6.4. How much are you willing to pay to buy an album of your idol?