What does Kashif want from Hafsa?

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What does Kashif want from Hafsa? by Mind Map: What does Kashif want from Hafsa?

1. Body: He wants my body for sex? But what could he get which he has not got from me over and over again?

2. Zidd: I have become a zidd for him so he wants to prove to himself and others that he can have me.

2.1. But for his zid he want sto marry me? He could just befriend me and that would satisfy his ego and goal, why would he insist on marrying me?

3. Money: He wants money? Really does he need a financial reason to marry Hafsaa?

4. He needs a servant: I am s homely girl so he wants me to clean house, bring his kids and be a massi. Well he has maids and others who are doing all that for him and lavishly ever since he has come over so why would he need a massi as wife?

5. He loves me! Of course he does and his track record for past over 2 years that he has no ego and he loves staying with Hafsa