Achieve 50 kg

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Achieve 50 kg by Mind Map: Achieve 50 kg

1. VI. Create New Recipes

1.1. Record recipes in Cronometer.

1.2. Fit them into the DelectaBalance Diet.

1.2.1. Fit recipes into a meal plan.

1.2.2. Take a picture of prepared food. Attach photos to notes in Cronometer diary. Include recipes and meal plans in blog.

1.2.3. Take pictures of prepared recipes and upload to Cronometer in Trends Snapshots.

1.3. Link recipes to Menu Planner in The Journal/Calendar/Food

2. I. Weigh daily.

2.1. Weigh unless you cannot eliminate.

2.2. Take early morning meds.

3. IV. Keep a Complete Cronometer record daily.

3.1. Enter the food "Completed" before marking a day complete.

3.1.1. Run a nutrition report for a custom range for September 14, 2020 to yesterday. Check all values, especially net calories.

3.2. Enter Weight.

3.3. Enter Blood Pressure.

3.4. Enter all food and supplements.

3.4.1. Enter and calculate before consuming food. Ensure that each meal is 1/4 of the calorie budget. After breakfast 25%, lunch 50%, repast 75%, and dinner 100%.. Enter or correct the time it is consumed once it is eaten.

3.5. Balance macro-nutrients for each meal.

3.5.1. Aim for 60% Fat, 23% Carb, 17% Protein.

3.6. Eat only during one of the four planned meal times. No snacking.

3.7. Eat within the burn amount.

3.8. Eat within the budget amount.

3.8.1. Set the budget to "Maintain Weight." Log all food and supplements, but do not log exercise in Cronometer.

3.8.2. Eat no more than 100% Net Carbs.

3.9. Check 4 Nutrient Balances.

3.9.1. Report in JV Life Tracker:

3.9.2. Calcium to Magnesium

3.9.3. Omega-6 to Omega-3 Fatty Acids

3.9.4. Potassium to Sodium This can affect blood pressure. Aim for 1.866.

3.9.5. Zinc to Copper

3.10. Check % of Target Nutrients.

3.10.1. Report in JV Life Tracker:

3.10.2. Check amounts of individual nutrients.

3.10.3. Check potassium.

3.10.4. Check if Sugars are <= 30 grams and whether any Added Sugars were consumed. Check if Fructose is <= 15 grams.

3.10.5. Check if Fiber >= 30 grams.

3.10.6. Calculate Fiber/Sugar Ratio. Graph periodically by downloading 2 CSV files and using Excel to calculate the ratios. Aim for 1.0 or higher. 9.22.19-1.11.20

3.11. Review Progress on Diet Activities

3.12. Report Targeted Items in JV Life Tracker.

4. II. Check Blood Pressure.

5. III. Exercise

5.1. TMJ Exercises

5.2. Denneroll 6Xweek

5.2.1. Report in JV Life Tracker.

5.3. 4 Chiropractic Exercises 6X week

5.3.1. Prone Trunk Extension Stretch (McKenzie Extension)

5.3.2. Downward Dog

5.3.3. Bridge with Band

5.3.4. Potty Squat

5.3.5. Log in Google Sheets

5.4. Two Walks Daily Outside

5.4.1. Pedometer

6. V. Modify Behavior

6.1. Report Behavior Modification in JV Life Tracker:

6.2. Intermittent Fasting from supper to breakfast (6-12 hour eating window).

6.2.1. Eat 1/4 of total calories for each meal then fast 12-18 hours daily. Fast as long as you can sustainably.

6.2.2. Update Fasting Record in Cronometer.

6.2.3. Analyze in JV Life Tracker Eating Time Management

6.3. Leave food on your plate or bowl.

6.3.1. Put in refrigerator for later.

6.4. Do not eat your spouse's leftover food.

6.5. Chew thoroughly and slowly.

6.5.1. Report in JV Life Tracker.

6.5.2. Eat each meal for 20 minutes.

6.6. Gluten-Free

6.7. Eat no added sugars.

7. VII. Prepare Food

7.1. Cook a Pot of Rice if None is Prepared.

7.2. Cook a Pot of Legumes if None are Prepared.

7.2.1. Make split pea soup.

7.2.2. Make lentils with miso.

7.3. Prepare Alfalfa Sprouts.

7.4. Make Nut Bread if None is Prepared.

7.5. Update shopping list and order groceries when needed.

8. X. Take Food Supplements and Medicines.

8.1. Fill Pill Containers Weekly

8.2. Morning Meds

8.2.1. Armour Thyroid

8.2.2. Chromium

8.2.3. TMG (trimethylglycine)

8.2.4. Tyrosine

8.2.5. Vitamin D

8.3. Energy Supplements

8.3.1. B Vitamins P5P B Complex Jarrow's B-Right

8.3.2. PQQ Benefits

8.3.3. Co-Enzyme Q10 or Ubiquinol

8.4. Essential Fatty Acids

8.4.1. Fish Oil Vitamin E

8.4.2. Evening Primrose Oil

8.5. Eye Supplements

8.5.1. Astaxanthin

8.5.2. Lutein

8.5.3. Zeaxanthin

8.6. Bone Supplements

8.6.1. Boron

8.6.2. Silicon

8.6.3. Zinc

8.6.4. Strontium Citrate

8.6.5. Vitamin K2

8.7. Bedtime Meds

8.7.1. Antimanic Risperdal Lithium

8.7.2. Antidepressant L-Tryptophan SAMe

8.7.3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome Magnesium

8.8. Herbs

8.8.1. Adaptogens Rhodiola Gingseng Ashwagandha

8.8.2. Sleep (when getting back to sleep ) Valerian Root Chamomile Hops

9. IX. Relax and De-Stress

9.1. Meditation

9.1.1. Insight Timer

9.1.2. Glenn Harrold's Mindfulness for Releasing Anxiety Meditation

9.1.3. KaeLyn's Success Meditation

9.2. Track sleep time.

9.3. Stress-Proof

9.3.1. Bolster emotional regulation. Cognitive appraisal Definition. The concept of cognitive appraisal was advanced in 1966 by psychologist Richard Lazarus in the book Psychological Stress and Coping Process. ... Cognitive appraisal refers to the personal interpretation of a situation that ultimately influences the extent to which the situation is perceived as stressful. Binaural beats (YouTube binaural beats) Delta or theta wave binaural beats 30 minutes.

9.3.2. Get stress hormones in check. Get in the flow after a stressful situation. Light exercise after a stressful experience. Slow down breathing rate. Listen to nature. Shamanic dream beats of meditation music 15 minutes. Delta or theta wave binaural beats 30 minutes. Theta Delta Online Timer

9.3.3. Encourage healthy activity in the rational brain. Strategic Attention Integrative Reasoning Innovation

9.3.4. Tune up your body clock. Get sunlight during day. Aim for 3 exposures. Wear blue-blocking glasses at night. Block blue light on devices at night. Keep bedroom cool. Take a hot bath before bed. Use sleep shades at night. Avoid post-lunch dip. Light lunch. Blue light or bright daylight. A short nap after lunch.

9.3.5. Tame chronic inflammation. Infrared light Eat within calorie budget. Build a healthy microbiome. Probiotics Sauerkraut Prevent a leaky gut. Avoid heat exposure and/or intense exercise. Avoid burn injury. Avoid artificial sweeteners and emulsifiers. Avoid NSAIDs. Use zinc. Use turmeric. Take vitamin D. Use quercetin, marshmallow root and glutamine. Avoid gluten.

9.3.6. Fight insulin resistance. 12-16-Hour Fast Daily, preferably 16 No processed foods. Use turmeric Use cinnamon

9.3.7. Boost motivation (pleasure and reward). Find time for pleasure and joy. Be mindful. Music

10. VIII. Groom

10.1. Follow this link for an awesome grooming map.