Discussion 4

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Discussion 4 by Mind Map: Discussion 4

1. Article 7

1.1. Pauls journey brought the message of jesus to the known world with the guidance of the Holy Spirit

1.2. However there were precautions such as oppression cruelty etc.

1.2.1. Rome considers Christians a threat The emperors consider Christians atheists and were used as scapegoats to blame them for disasters The romans were similar in terms of language and culture and they used ships for constant voyages as a method to have quicker travel Soon they began a persecutions that killed saint peter

1.3. Despite that the Christians spread out politically and socially as the Jews left from Israel and spread out in pockets of populations

2. Article 8

2.1. Sunday Christian Day of Worship

2.2. Honor of Resurrection of Christ

2.2.1. Eucharist Heart of Christians Worship

2.3. Liturgy of the Word

2.4. Psalm is sung

2.5. Letter of Paul or another Apostle is read.

2.6. Rise up and pray for ourselves

2.7. Liturgy of Eucharist

2.7.1. Bring up Bread, Water, and The Wine

2.7.2. Prayers of Thanksgiving

2.7.3. Deacons give the Eucharist to people who are present.

2.8. The Collection

2.8.1. Collected money for poor

2.8.2. Also donated food

2.8.3. “Mindful to the Poor”