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1. Digital Environment

1.1. Shutting down my phone notification for the duration of my session

1.2. Centralising my digital notes in a single tool

2. Physical Environment

2.1. Adopting good posture

2.2. Playing instrumental music

2.3. Making freehand notes

3. External Conditions

4. Learning styles

4.1. Visual

4.2. Social

4.3. Practical

4.4. Linguistic

5. Goals

5.1. I aspire to be a full stack developer at the intermediate level before the end of the year

6. Ikigai

6.1. Loves surfing the net

6.2. Good at HTML, CSS, JavaScript for developing websites

6.3. The world needs a skilled software developer

6.4. I can be paid for developing intuitive interfaces that solves problems

6.5. The world needs functional app that solves problems

7. Learning Environment