Berks Hall Quiet Hours

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Berks Hall Quiet Hours by Mind Map: Berks Hall Quiet Hours

1. Recipients

1.1. President Hawkinson

1.2. Berks Hall Staff

2. Who does this affect?

2.1. Those who want to sleep

2.2. Everyone in the dorm who isn't loud

3. What parties are involved?

3.1. Berks Hall Staff

3.2. Loud Residents

3.3. Quiet Residents

4. What is currently being done?

4.1. Nothing.

4.2. No consequences have been put into place for people who disrupt others from 9am-9pm despite stating these hours at the beginning of the semester

5. Proposed course of action to bring change

5.1. Set proper and strong consequences for those who yell and slam doors during quiet hours

6. Who would oppose this plan?

6.1. Loud people in Berks Hall

7. Who would support this plan?

7.1. Berks Hall Staff

7.2. Those who want to sleep without having 20 people yelling in the hallways at 12:00 am