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Blog post ideas by Mind Map: Blog post ideas

1. Inspiration

1.1. Scrapbook blogs

1.2. Scrapbook websites

1.3. YouTube channels

1.4. Magazines

1.5. Apps

2. Supplies

2.1. Fav scrapbook supplies to use

2.2. Highly rated scrapbook supply products

2.3. Supplies every beginner scrapbooks needs

3. Create

3.1. Steps I take creating mini albums

3.2. Written tutorial on project

3.3. Where I create my projects

4. Promote

4.1. Flip thru video of finished project

4.2. Picture heavy post of project

4.3. Tutorial of finished project

5. Sell

5.1. Post finished project on etsy

5.2. Post finished project on pinterest

5.3. Post finished project on Instagram