The causes of unfair trade

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The causes of unfair trade by Mind Map: The causes of unfair trade

1. Dumping

1.1. Dumping by countries costs the lively hood of many people and the loss of many jobs in the countries domestic workforce due to the fact that it is impossible to compete with such prices, therefore being unfair to the people there

2. Tariffs

2.1. Tariffs placed on some countries make it very hard and unfeasible to trade with some countries, therefore decreasing the economic growth a country could potentially have and reducing business

3. Trading Bloc

3.1. Creating a trade bloc is beneficial for the countries within it because they have practically borderless and tariff-less trade although this makes it harder for other countries who are out of the trade bloc to trade with the members in the trade bloc as then they will need to pay imports and etc. which will make them unattractive to alternative countries who are already within the trade block.

4. Dependency on commodity export

4.1. Dependence on commodity exports is bad for a country as if there are any market decreases the whole country suffers, due to this instability it is very challenging for a country to improve and diversify its exports