Kindness quilt

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Kindness quilt by Mind Map: Kindness quilt

1. Techniques

1.1. Applique

1.1.1. How to applique

1.2. Felting

1.2.1. How to do felting

1.3. Drawing on fabric

2. We will use these techniques when creating our kindness quilts. First, you must do the following:

2.1. Draw a picture which shows kindness.

2.1.1. Your picture must include at least 2 different types of shapes. Shapes can be Geometric Organic

2.1.2. It must include a variety of lines Lines can be different in style Types of lines

2.1.3. It must include at least 2 characters

2.1.4. It must also demonstrate your characters being kind to each other

2.1.5. You must label your picture and explain the textiles techniques you will be using to make them