Welfare and Health technology

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Welfare and Health technology by Mind Map: Welfare and Health technology

1. AAL Technologies

1.1. OECD Principles on AL

2. Welfare Technology

2.1. ehealth and mhealth

2.2. Health Literacy

3. Telemedicine - Home monitoring

3.1. Video conference

4. Telemedicine - Diabetes, COPD eg.

4.1. COPD home monitoring

5. Ethics and moral

5.1. Rule Ethics

5.2. Consequence Ethics

5.3. Virtue Ethics

5.4. Ethicals Considiration

6. Communication

6.1. Didactics

6.2. pedagogical principles for learning and healthpromotion

6.3. Healthpedagogy

7. Artificial Intellegence in Healthcare

7.1. Search engines, image recognition, diagnosis and facial recognition

8. Mental Health

8.1. Apps related to mental disorders

8.2. Benefits and concerns about new technological interventions.

8.3. MARS Scale: Mobile application rating scale.