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SIGMA by Mind Map: SIGMA

1. [05/09]

1.1. DEV: 4 pipelines for deployment - Artifacts/Product

1.1.1. DEV Review for confirmation: Next Week by Aaron Nieves

1.2. AKS Product: Readme&Release Notes:

1.2.1. Info+Meeting to confirmed AKAS or to choose others (e.g. OpenShift) [12/09] AKS for DEV confirmed

1.3. ExpressRoute Connection: It seems Ok.

1.4. Import/Export Status PoC

1.4.1. [11/09] PoC Done, reported by Dani [12/09] FerSan will send the final report to Victor Villanueva confirmed by Paqui

1.5. [12/09] DNS Services in Private Endpoints

1.5.1. Internal Meeting with CCoE to be scheduled next week TBScheduled by Victor Villnueva: AKS Internal Connectivity

1.6. [12/09] DEV Environment Check with David Gonzalez: Internal meeting to be scheduled

1.7. Service Management:

1.7.1. Workshops

1.7.2. Azure Monitor

1.7.3. Log Analytics

1.7.4. Azure Cost - Dashboard (To talk with Felix Navesso) [12/09] Done by Victor Villanueva access