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Beowulf by Mind Map: Beowulf

1. Epic poem

1.1. chivalrous epic

1.2. Written in vernacular

1.2.1. Written in Anglo-Saxon, between the eighth and ninth centuries

1.2.2. First work written in English

1.3. Written in England

1.4. Character feats

1.4.1. Mythical evocation of his heroic past in the Nordic region

2. The story and the myth

2.1. Beowulf would have been born in southern Sweden in the year 495 of our era

2.2. He went to Denmark to help King Hrothgar in the year 515, defeated a monstrous being and the mother of the monster

2.3. He accompanied his uncle, King Hygelac, on an expedition against Franks and Friesians in 521

2.4. He became king of the gautas in 533 and died about 583 (after a battle against a powerful dragon)

3. History and legend

3.1. Johannes Bühler,

3.1.1. Medieval literature: tendency in the adaptation of ancient stories

3.1.2. The legends of Saxon England created the epic of Beowulf

3.1.3. Germanic-Celtic legends come through the versions of the courtly-chivalrous era.

3.1.4. Orality an musicality Written in alliterative verse (repetitions of loudness, mnemonics) Occasionally a poet, with a clear voice, sang in Heorot. And the warriors, a large crowd of Danes and gautas, began to enjoy ...

3.2. Perfect harmony

3.2.1. J. R. R. Tolkien Thesis and antithesis Youth and Elderly

3.3. Lamentation before the fleeting of the joys and splendors, before the lost happiness.

3.4. Evocation of the past about the experience of the present ”.

4. The chivalrous epic

4.1. José Luis Romero

4.1.1. The knight conquers honor and glory in the exercise of war

4.1.2. Earn wealth and power

4.1.3. The Exploit is heroic

4.1.4. The sword is the sign of the knight

4.1.5. The fight is justifiable

4.1.6. The trade is of arms