Theories of Emotion

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Theories of Emotion by Mind Map: Theories of Emotion

1. James - Lang Theory

2. The experience of emotion is due to the perception of your physiologic responce

3. Event> Physiologic response> Intepretation of> Emotion

4. Created by Willam James in 1890 and Carl Lange in 1885

5. Cannon - Bard Theory

6. Created by Walter Cannon in 1929 and Philip Bard in 1942

7. Event> Phusiological Response> Emotion

8. The physiolgical resposes and the experience of emotion both occur simultaneously

9. A person could experience physiological arosal without feeling any particular emotion

10. Many different emotions have the same pattrens of physiological response

11. Schachter - Singer Theory

12. Event> Physiological> Identify the reason for the> Emotion

13. The Two Factor Theory

14. Physiological and cognitive responses simultaneously form the experience of emotion

15. Created by Stanley Schachter and Jerome Singer in 1962