Endocrine System

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Endocrine System by Mind Map: Endocrine System

1. Pituitary Gland

1.1. "Master Gland"

1.2. Oxytocin Hormone

1.2.1. Stretches the cervix and vagina during birth

1.2.2. Aids milk flow for nursing mothers

1.2.3. Influences trust and romantic levels

2. Adrenal Glands

2.1. "Emercency Centers of the Body"

2.2. Adrenaline

2.2.1. Triggers actions: contracts heart muscles to provide more blood to the body opens bronchioles of the lungs to allow more air intake breaks down fatty acids, providing us with more fuel breaks down glycogen into glucose to provide energy to the muscles opens pupils to enhance eye sight during emergencies

2.2.2. Hinders gastrointestinal secretions

2.2.3. Enhances response to stressors

2.3. Cortisol

2.3.1. Increases responses to stressors

2.3.2. Regulates blood pressure and cardiovascular function

2.3.3. Regulates body use of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats

2.3.4. Suggested to regulate body weight depending on levels

3. Sexual Reproductive Glands

3.1. Testes

3.1.1. Male sex gland

3.1.2. Testosterone Male sex hormone It is believed that testosterone influence sex drive Women also produce a small amount of this

3.2. Ovaries

3.2.1. Female sex gland

3.2.2. Estrogen Female sex hormone Men also produce a small amount of this