Digital Literacy

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Digital Literacy by Mind Map: Digital Literacy

1. to be digitally literate

2. The internet is a gateway to a whole new world of opportunities ( possibilities)

3. The digital world offers enormous benefits and advantages to (everyone)

4. use digital tools to access and share information

5. ...who are up to date with technology

6. A digitally literate individual

7. to be digitally illiterate

8. to evaluate the information you find online

9. to share ideas with peers from other schools

10. to create and publish work for a global audience

11. to collaborate and communicate with experts in other locations

12. ability to find, use and create information online

13. to keep in touch with ...worldwide through social media

14. It provides access to a wider market and makes it easier to compare prices.

15. to take online courses and facilitate learning at your own pace

16. to know the basics about navigating the internet

17. the principles of internet safety

18. to think critically about the information you find and judge whether it is accurate