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Sentence by Mind Map: Sentence

1. Simple Sentence

1.1. Consists of one independent clause (subject and verb)

1.1.1. Example: I like coffe

2. Compound Sentence

2.1. Two or more independent clause joined by a conjunction or semi-conjunction

2.1.1. Independent Clause + Coordinating Conjuntion + Independent Clause Example: I like coffee, and Mary likes tea. Coordinating Conjuntions: And So But Or For Nor Yet

3. Complex Sentence

3.1. An Independent clause + a dependent clause

3.1.1. The Dependent Clause starts with a Subordinating Conjuntion or a Relative Pronoun Subordinating Conjunctions After Althought As Because How If Once Relative Pronouns: That Who Which Whom Whose Example: We missed our plane because we were late.

3.2. Contains a subject and a verb

3.3. Does not express a complete thought

4. Compound- Complex Sentence

4.1. At least two independent clauses and one or more dependent.

4.1.1. Independent Clause+Subordinating Conjuntion+ Dependent Clause+ Coordinating Conjunction+Independent Clause. Example: Jonh didn´t come because he was ill, so Mary was not happy