Conflict Management

conflict management mind map

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Conflict Management by Mind Map: Conflict Management

1. leadership qualities

1.1. confident

1.1.1. authentic aware of own impact/power support change

2. skills

2.1. emotional intellegence

2.2. Impartiality

2.3. patience

2.4. active listening

2.5. problem solving

2.6. interpersonal skills

2.7. values

2.7.1. do they align with the organization?

3. 5 management styles

3.1. competing

3.2. compromising

3.3. collaborating

3.4. avoiding

3.5. accommodating

4. common workplace conflicts

4.1. cultural conflicts

4.2. personality conflicts

4.3. management/ leadership conflicts

4.4. communication

4.5. harassment

4.6. discrimination

5. 3 type of conflict

5.1. interpersonal

5.2. intrapersonal

5.3. Unconscious

5.4. conflict resolution

5.4.1. behavioral coaching can be contagious overcome behavioral challenges

6. tools

6.1. keep calm

6.2. don't attack the person, only the problem

6.3. allow others to resolve issues

6.4. be an active listener


7.1. how to change/overcome in order to resolve conflict

7.1.1. 1. vision 2. strategy 3. be a role model for change

8. understand group dynamics

8.1. this will help when leading groups

8.1.1. help understand how groups respond to change understand how groups interact and how individuals interact understanding how groups work together will help them get along with others

9. organizational norms

9.1. reflect the values/ beliefs of an organization

9.1.1. set standards for org. communication setting and clarifying norms can lead to a more cohesive culture. this will reduce conflict when everyone knows the expectations

10. are the emotions of change similar on how people deal with conflict management?

10.1. denial-anger-confusion-depression-crisis-acceptance- new confidence?

11. SHRM

11.1. conflict is inevitable

11.1.1. unaddressed conflict wastes about 8/hr of gossip in the workplace can be costly conflict is healthy (agreement is healthy) having a safe space to disagree with coworkers is healthy