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Anions by Mind Map: Anions

1. Diluted Acid Test

1.1. Brisk Effervescence is noted. Colorless gas turning limewater milky is evolved

1.1.1. Presence of CO3^2-

1.2. Colorless gas with the smell of rotten eggs is evolved. Turns lead acetate paper black

1.2.1. S^2-

1.3. Slight brown fumes that turn Feso4 solution black

1.3.1. NO2

1.4. Colorless gas with the smell of burning sulphur which turns acidified dichromate paper green is evolved

1.4.1. SO3^2-

2. Concentrated H2SO4

2.1. Colorless gas with an irritating smell. Gives dense white fumes with a glass rod dipped in NH4OH solution

2.1.1. Cl-

2.2. Reddish brown gas which turns moist startch paper yellow and moist starch iodide paper blue is evolved

2.2.1. Br-

2.3. Voilet vapours which turn moist starch paper blueblack

2.3.1. I-

2.4. Colorless gas iwth a smell of vinegar which turns moist blue litmuis paper red is evolved

2.4.1. CH3COO

2.5. Slight brown fumes turning FeSO4 black are evolved

2.5.1. NO3