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Rebecca by Mind Map: Rebecca

1. Meaning

1.1. Personal

1.1.1. Family Mother Chose names Maiden "Treadwell" Father Deceased Surname "Ward"

1.1.2. Identity Likes Animals Anime Writing Blue Dislikes Burnt toast Cold days Diminutives My Nicknames Others

1.1.3. Culture Middle Class $$$ out of $$$$$ Western White Australian/Map

1.2. Linguistics /Foghorn

1.2.1. Phonetics (Western/English) IPA / rɪˈbɛk ə / Phonetic Spelling [ ri-bek-uh ]

1.2.2. Etymology Greek/Latin 'Rhebekka' Ancient Hebrew רִבְקָה (Rivqah)

2. Memories

2.1. Family

2.1.1. Father "Ward" Lineage Meaning Ward Street

2.1.2. Mother "Treadwell" "REBECCA JANICE WARD!" Run

2.1.3. Siblings Kim Turner nee Ward Elder Sister Sean Ward Elder Brother Step-Siblings

2.2. Travel

2.2.1. UK English-Welsh Heritage

2.2.2. Japan Katakana (translit.) レベッカ

2.2.3. Costa Rica Spanish Rebeca

3. Use

3.1. Popularity

3.1.1. 1960s-2000s Top 50 Common Baby Boomers Gen Y Gen X

3.1.2. Celebrities Rebecca Black Singer...? Rebecca West Author Rebecca Gayheart Actress

3.1.3. 2000s ~ #214 Not popular Gen Z

3.2. Place Names

4. Form

4.1. Function

4.1.1. Identity Generation? Gender Female Culture Western

4.1.2. Warn Tone Rebecca!

4.2. Characteristics

4.2.1. Shape Outline City Skyline Curvilinear a, b, c, e, r Free-flowing Feminine Rounded

4.2.2. Sound Rhythm Syllables 3 Vowel End

4.2.3. Spelling 7 Letters Heavenly # Vowels Consonants Repetition Variations Rebekah Rebecka Rebekka