Group collaboration in MindMeister

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Group collaboration in MindMeister by Mind Map: Group collaboration in MindMeister

1. Students can use MindMeister to work in groups and create mind maps, which help with brainstorming and can even be used for presentation (if the organization payed for an upgrade).

1.1. The tool also has options for leaving comments and voting.

2. This is great because you start with one idea and can branch off by simply pressing the tab key. *Presses tab*

2.1. Exhibit A.

2.2. Exhibit B.

2.2.1. side note for exhibit B. side-side note side-side note 2

3. It is also easy to customize... don't judge this messy mind map, I'm testing it as I go.

4. You can even add links

4.1. Here is a link to my school

4.2. Here is a link to that vid for our presentation