Skynet Warehousing

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Skynet Warehousing by Mind Map: Skynet Warehousing

1. Process

1.1. Receiving

1.1.1. Stock Received and Checked at Central Office

1.1.2. Stock allocated stock code and quantity captured on the warehouse management System

1.1.3. Stock is put on pallet and sent to relevant branch through line-haul network

1.1.4. Warehouse clerk receives stock and puts away

1.2. Dispatch

1.2.1. Orders Received at central office by email

1.2.2. Central office creates picking slip and emails relevant branch

1.2.3. Warehouse clerk in the branch prints picking slips

1.2.4. Warehouse clerk picks stock on picking slip and packages it

1.2.5. Warehouse clerk confirms picking slip on WMS and generates delivery note

1.2.6. Delivery note details captured on tracking System - NTS and parcel dispatched

1.3. Reports

1.3.1. Weekly inventory and dispatch reports to clients

1.3.2. Month end warehouse management reports detailing all activity, income and expenses.

2. Locations

2.1. Nelspruit

2.1.1. There is one full time warehouse clerk reporting to a branch manager

2.2. Bloemfontein

2.2.1. There is a part-time clerk reporting to a branch manager

2.3. Polokwane

2.3.1. There is a part-time clerk reporting to a branch manager

3. Structure

3.1. National Operations Manager

3.1.1. Warehouse Manager

3.1.2. Warehouse Clerks