Bryan Alexis Moreno Malagon

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Bryan Alexis Moreno Malagon by Mind Map: Bryan Alexis Moreno Malagon

1. Hobbies

1.1. practice skaterboard

1.2. Play Videogames

1.3. Play football with my university´s firends

1.4. Listen music all the time

2. Goals

2.1. Buy a house for my mom

2.2. Become me a pro player and play in a professional esports team

2.3. I want to buy a Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

2.4. Conver


3.1. I love memes with an absurd sense

3.2. I like the guitar solo

3.3. I like to cook

4. Interests

4.1. I am very passionate about the history of mankind

4.2. I really like games where you are god and you handle the threads of humanity

4.3. I love listening to conspiracy theories