Mental exam


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Mental exam by Mind Map: Mental exam

1. More recently, postmodern critics have raised serious questions about the theoretical assumptions about psychopathology and interventions in the field of psychotherapy that have been proposed by modernism to serve capitalist purposes (Huertas, 2014).

2. Elements of experiencing

2.1. This denomination refers to what has been called basic elements constitutive of the psychic apparatus. Among the elements of experiencing, we distinguish

2.1.1. Sensation, perception and representation Thought Affectivity Psychomotricity or conatio

3. Experiential instruments

3.1. These are general factors whose presence and operability depends on experiential construction, being therefore necessary determinants.

3.1.1. Awareness Intelligence Attention Memory Orientation

4. Fundamental qualities of the experiences

4.1. Corresponds to certain general qualities that only arise in human nature and that are the result of ego functionality

4.1.1. Reality-unreality dimension Activity-passivity dimension Dimension approach-avoidance Dependency-independence dimension