Atlas in Greek Mythology

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Atlas in Greek Mythology by Mind Map: Atlas in Greek Mythology

1. Held up the sky.

1.1. Personified the quality of endurance.

2. Was the leader of the Titans in their battle against the Gods.

2.1. Ends up receiving the punishment of holding up the world after he loses.

3. Instructed mankind in the art of astronomy.

3.1. Eventually used by sailors and farmers for their own respective reasons.

4. Helps Hercules in the retrieval of the Golden Apples of Hesperides.

4.1. Hercules helps him back by slaying a beast that tormented him and by building pillars at the ends of the Earth to relieve the titan of his labor.

5. Transformed into the stony Atlas mountain

5.1. This was done by the Demi-god Perseus who used the Gorgons head to do so.