Outdoor Learning

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Outdoor Learning by Mind Map: Outdoor Learning

1. Learning about nature

1.1. Going on nature walks

1.2. Safety for children in the outdoors

2. Learning in an outdoor environment

2.1. Versatile, indoor-to-outdoor furniture

2.2. Easy set-up classroom/outdoor learning facility

3. Improving outdoor sports/ activities

3.1. Real-time camping assistance

3.2. Improving athlete technique in outdoor sports

3.2.1. Rowing

3.2.2. Cricket

3.2.3. Tennis

3.3. Improving athlete fitness for outdoor sports

4. Learning about the environment

4.1. Air and Water Pollution

4.1.1. Water Pollution Meters

4.1.2. Air quality filters

4.2. Global Warming

4.3. Natural Disasters