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Section 1 by Mind Map: Section 1

1. Term- Orthography

1.1. Students are reading fluently because they are comprehending what they are reading and understanding what the words mean.

1.2. Orthography incorporates the 5 pillars which is phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

1.3. Definition- The correct sequence of letters within words.

2. Reversal

2.1. When a student reverses a letter when spelling.

2.2. One student could reverse the letter B in boy but we have learned that we are to count this correct but leave notes for future reference.

3. McGuffey Spelling Inventory

3.1. Conducting individual testing and for obtaining grade-level information

3.2. This is very useful when you want to report spelling achievements for their grade level.

4. Section 2

4.1. Phonemes

4.1.1. The sounds within a word

4.1.2. A student might look at a picture instead of trying to read a word to understand the phonemes or sounds within the word. Putting picture to the sound the word makes instead of using letters.

4.2. Invented spelling

4.2.1. Spelling as you best can freeing students to be able to write what they here rather than focusing on what is the right writing

4.2.2. This spelling is encouraged for teachers to use by the common core standards because it then gives the teachers an idea on what the students know about the words and how they use their phonemic awareness to spell these words

4.3. Blind Sort

4.3.1. Headers or key words are used to establish categories, but then the reader shuffles the cards and calls each word aloud without showing it.

4.3.2. I will be integrating this kind of game within my classroom in the science department to get students to understand how to say certain words and how to decode them along with the blind sorts. There are a lot of hard words to understand in science so I feel this could be used.