Socioeconomic Status and Health

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Socioeconomic Status and Health by Mind Map: Socioeconomic Status and Health

1. Problem

1.1. Socioeconomic statues are affected by major components such as health care, environmental exposures, and class status, and health behaviors.

2. Hypothesis

2.1. By establishing a foundation to decrease the inequalities of poor health, poverty, and educational knowledge of SES, society would benefit in decreasing a low SES rate.

2.2. Those with a higher SES will thrive in health, and society

2.3. Healthcare, and health can vary through the different cultures, and poverty groups

3. Future Research

3.1. How would employment play a factor on favorable SES levels based on job positions

3.2. Social class have always been influencers in career aspirations and achievements

3.3. Different techniques can be used to determine the issues between poverty and education taught on health

3.4. Research shoes that lower SES are being compared to the lower academic achievements, which differs to the academic progress shown with those in a higher SES community

4. Findings

4.1. Social Class statuses affect and influence

4.2. There are individual levels that are affected with SES

4.3. Health status are affected by SES and environmental situations

5. Methods

5.1. unknown

6. Conclusions

6.1. Social class, education, ethnic and racial, and environmental are all factors that play into how SES and health are effected.

6.2. Psychological and behavioral health can be influencers on SES health.