Spencer Madsen

My mind map

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Spencer Madsen by Mind Map: Spencer Madsen

1. I love to hunt

1.1. I have been hunting since I was a little kid

1.2. I trophy hunt

1.3. I have goals to do the Grand slam, and other hunting acheivments

2. Im from Wyoming

2.1. I grew up hunting

2.2. I had to find things to do

2.3. I like being from a small town, But I like going to cities and big places

3. I love sports

3.1. I love football and have played since I was a little kid

3.2. I play football, basketball, track, baseball, and everything else

3.3. I had scholarships to play but decided not to play

4. Down to do anything

4.1. Being from wyoming there wasn't alot of things to do so me and my friends had to find things to do

4.2. If there is something to do I will most likely be there

4.3. I have gotten into trouble because of stupid things me and my friends have done when we were bored