oblivious of sounds nature

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oblivious of sounds nature by Mind Map: oblivious of sounds nature

1. More background noise can make people oblivious to the uplifting sounds of nature.

1.1. "trees"

1.2. "water"

1.3. "wind"

2. We are able to hear things hundreds of meters but we ignore this gift.

3. There was noise from human activities in the park like:motorbikes,motorboats and tour buses.that noise pollution more doubles every 30 years.

4. If finding peace and quite becomes too difficult,many children will grow up without the experiences

5. People are inattentive the health benefits from nature sounds.

6. The main reason to visit protected areas ,they want to hear natural quiet but we may losing this as people are listening to their ipods all the time.

7. H00417059 Mahra Khalid

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