All about Worms

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All about Worms by Mind Map: All about Worms

1. Anatomy

2. Characteristics of a worm

2.1. Slimy

2.2. Scaly

2.3. Soft

2.4. Supple

2.5. Yucky

2.6. Cold to touch

3. What worms do...

3.1. Clean soil

3.2. Adds oxygen to soil

3.3. Provides food for our soil

4. Interesting facts...

4.1. Worms come to the earths surface when it rains - this is so they don't drown.

4.2. When a worm is cut in half, it does not become two worms.

4.3. Worms do not have eyes, arms or legs.

4.4. Worms are cold blooded

4.5. There are approximately 2,700 types of worms

4.6. If their skin dries out they will die.

5. Habitat

5.1. Worms live underground.

5.2. Worms need moist soil.

5.3. Worms live in worm farms.

5.3.1. Worm farms are special places setup specifically for tiger worms. There job is to eat food and paper scraps and to provide nutrients for gardens and worm pee (juice) which is then fed to plants.