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1. Cognitive

1.1. Analize

1.2. Reason

1.3. Recieve and produce the message in the target language

1.4. Be awaere of what they understand

1.5. Identify what they do not undertsand

1.6. Use appropriate strategies to resolve problems in comprehension

2. Metacognitive

2.1. People who uses this strategy pla, arrange and evaluate on their own learning process

2.2. They identify and monitor their own learning styles and preferences.

2.3. Thinking about thinking

2.4. Indentify difficulties

3. Memory

3.1. They depend on their memorizing ability

3.2. They find ways to remeber information by creating a word meaning map in their brain map to be able to retrieve that information later.

3.3. Repeating once and another to memorize better and faster.

4. Comprehension

4.1. People find themselves guessing unknown words in listening and reading

4.2. Replacing words they don't know with long phrases when they speak.

4.3. Writing and completing gaps

4.4. Undertand the small ideas a text has.

5. Social/affective

5.1. They control their feelings, motivation and attitude when they are in a social situation.

5.1.1. asking questions, communication with othersor facilitation conversation or interaction.

5.2. Sharing time ans spaces with others who help in the learning process.