Instructional Design

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Instructional Design by Mind Map: Instructional Design

1. Preparing and Making smoothies using the ADDIE Model

1.1. Analyze: Why are they looking to make smoothies? When are they planing on preparing them and making them? What types of fruits and vegetables they like?

1.1.1. Determined by: Knowing why and when someone wants to prepare and make smoothies will make it easier to know the time they have to prepare them and maybe ingredients they can add in to better meet their needs.

1.2. Design: Create a process for preparing smoothies and recipe(s) for the learner to follow.

1.2.1. Determined by: This will include a written process for preparing smoothies and a what recipes the user is interested in. The process for preparing is flexible for the user depending on the number of prepared smoothies needed and ability to store them.

1.3. Development: Add in the visual and hands on aspects of the training.

1.3.1. Determined by: Having photos of the step will help guide the learner. Also having a part of the training for them go through the steps of making the smoothies.

1.4. Implement: Go through the prep process and making the smoothie recipe with the trainee.

1.4.1. Determined by: Walking through the training can help them with the whole process. The trainer can watch for adjustments they may need made during the training.

1.5. Evaluate: Get feedback from trainee and test them on the process that they were trained on.

1.5.1. Determined by: There may be a need to adjust the training based on the trainee, the feedback is very important to make sure the process is effective and efficient.

2. ADDIE Model

2.1. Analyze

2.1.1. Determine the who, what, when, why and where of the training Know what the current performance is. Breakdown what exactly is being taught, who it is being taught to and what the end goals are to know what tools to use to effectively deliver the training. Determine the goals to be met.

2.2. Design

2.2.1. Outline the training Determine the strategies for instructing and testing. Create steps that need completed and will aid in meeting the end goal.

2.3. Development

2.3.1. Create the training and find any tools needed for the learner to complete the training. Test training This is when prototypes will be made (if applicable) materials will be put together and the over all training will be edited and tested.

2.4. Implement

2.4.1. The training is implemented In this step the trainee will test out the training. Implementation will start off small with a couple people before it is release to everyone.

2.5. Evaluate

2.5.1. Feedback and test trainee Feedback is received from the group the training was implemented with and any adjustments to the training can be made. Testing the trainee will allow the instructor to evaluate the training and make changes.