Great Place to Work

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Great Place to Work by Mind Map: Great Place to Work

1. Help costumers with their objectives

2. Precision

3. Medical assistance services

4. Medical Technology

5. What is it?

5.1. DreamWork

5.2. The employee feels like his house

5.3. They love work in workspace



7.1. Workforce Dimensions

7.2. personnel administration


8.1. Marketing to sell cars

8.2. Information for costumers

9. Ping Solutions

9.1. Promotional

9.2. Marketing

10. Renishaw

11. BlueBox Ventures

11.1. global plataform

11.2. help entrepreneurs

12. Stryker

12.1. Products and services

12.2. Surgical

13. How to Find the dreamwork and use instruments

14. In this project we analyze and understand what is it a great place to work and some many business dreamwork