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Seats by Mind Map: Seats

1. New SeatsUI Service

1.1. De-couple from the Monolith

1.2. Build out cloud based micro services

1.3. Create/maintain independent CI pipeline

1.4. Add DOR to services

2. Optimize Seat Map UI

2.1. Added padding around more legroom seats (FC, PC, Exit)

2.2. Display full plane for Booking/post-booking maps so guests clearly tell the difference between FC/PC

2.3. Allow FC upgrade option from Seat Map

2.4. Add running total for purchase of fare/seats

2.5. Remove legend, move to sectioned seat map

2.6. Visual merchandising of seats - photos, videos, augmented reality, etc.

3. New Seat map data model

3.1. Expose data that is required to build seat maps today

3.2. Identify customer attributes that will affect seat availability and pricing

3.3. Identify flight attributes that impact seat availability and pricing

4. Pricing of any seat on the map

4.1. Send Farelogix entire seat map data (new request)

4.2. Add weighting to seats to influence pricing

5. Implement Optimizely Full Stack (long-term solution)

5.1. Integrate Optimizely in a scalable fashion

5.2. Create customer segments based on customer attributes that could impact seat availability and pricing

6. Implement Tealium Data

6.1. Add pertinent customer attributes to Tealium to be persisted

7. Seat Block Optimizer

8. Saber IX

9. Consolidate Seat maps across MOW, Apps and Desktop

9.1. Responsive/Adaptive Maps

10. Build Orion Components

10.1. Determine pre-requisites to building components

11. UX Research

12. Consolidate Service calls

12.1. Single call for multiple cabin types

13. Discovery

13.1. First Class up-sell from full plane map

13.2. How to expose buying a different fare class/cabin type from the seat map

13.3. Filtering on the seat map

13.4. Filtering up the funnel in searching

13.5. Legend vs. section seat maps

14. Dynamic and personalized seats and pricing

14.1. Fuller seat maps for non-family Saver guests

14.2. Dynamic pricing based on flight/customer attributes

15. Auto Seat Utility

16. New Front-end architecture