Ramiro's Multi-Model Literacy Narrative

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Ramiro's Multi-Model Literacy Narrative by Mind Map: Ramiro's Multi-Model Literacy Narrative

1. Kinder - 2nd grade

1.1. I recall a few moments of my early writing. I remember we used to write out the alphabet and write our names..

2. 3rd - 4th grade

2.1. These next two years I remember we used to write larger words and stories. It was also around this time that we focused more on spelling properly and our punctuation.

3. 5th - 6th grade

3.1. I don't remember a whole lot from this time frame, but I do remember that we used to read lengthier books and then do reading responses. We also began to write more essays.

4. 7th - 8th grade

4.1. Around this time we focused on improving our reading and writing skills by reading chapters from books. We worked a lot on grammar, spelling and punctuation and fixing them.

5. 9th - 12th grade

5.1. During my high school years I worked a lot on essay writings such as persuasive and informative essays. Summer readings required an essay overview on many chapters. This is where writing actually became more complex. We also used MLA formatting for research papers.