Ming's Mind Map!

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Ming's Mind Map! by Mind Map: Ming's Mind Map!

1. As a kid

1.1. Used to be a bawdy boy

1.2. Hid many secret things from my mom

1.3. I broke one of her favorite souvenirs

1.4. I went to the internet playground without asking her

1.4.1. She whipped my butt a lot (normal thing for Asian family) :)

1.4.2. Learned how to be tough by many whips from her

1.4.3. No more lessons from her then I started to scare + worry Lesson: Mom always cares about me but she doesn't want to say it out loud but instead of the whipping!

2. As a student

2.1. I cut classes a lot

2.2. Still in 1st place in my classes

2.3. Got into many fights with another students

2.4. Got my 2nd scar from one of the fights

2.5. Until my mom realized that I used to cut classes + not behave well

2.5.1. She cried because I didn't behave as well as she used to know I began to care more about my studying plans + listen to her 1st time I saw my mom cried so I started to feel worse about myself Lesson: My mom is great person that helps me through everything