Parts of Debate

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Parts of Debate by Mind Map: Parts of Debate

1. Topic

1.1. refers to the central idea in literary and artistic work or social activities. An issue which could be fact, theory, idea and opinion.

2. Research

2.1. Actively seek fundamental reasons and reliability basis. Could be found in the library, book, internet and social media.

3. Argument

3.1. An act that allows the other party to support their point of view. Communicate in only one opinion.

4. Collaboration

4.1. Acting together with each other to achieve a common goal. Different teammate says different things which different perspectives to support on idea.

4.2. Explain

4.3. Share ideas

5. Public Speaking

5.1. To talk in-front of the public, to share your opinion.

5.2. Body Language

5.3. Articulate

5.3.1. Speak clearly

5.4. Practice

5.5. Be confident

5.6. Loud and clear voice