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Debate by Mind Map: Debate

1. topic

1.1. It's a theme.

1.2. Idea

1.3. Subject

2. research

2.1. Get some information online or in the newspaper.

3. argument

3.1. Two groups work together to talk about one topic with different opinions.

3.2. Claim

3.2.1. My opinion

3.3. Opposing sides

3.4. Agree or disagree

4. publics peaking

4.1. Reasons to support you point of view.

4.2. Body language

4.3. Articulate

4.4. Listen when others are speaking

5. collaboration

5.1. More than two people working together , collaboration and discuss about the debate.

5.2. Working together

5.3. Support each other

5.4. Explain

5.5. Help each and understanding