Seniority-based promotion in Thailand : It's time to change

PBA 6101

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Seniority-based promotion in Thailand : It's time to change by Mind Map: Seniority-based promotion in Thailand : It's time to change

1. Management styles and organizational principles

1.1. Eastern

1.1.1. collective structure

1.1.2. loyalty

1.1.3. promotion by seniority

1.2. Western

1.2.1. individual structure

1.2.2. self-fulfilling

1.2.3. promotion by competence or merit achievement qualification past performance

2. Cultural differences

2.1. Structure and operation of family unit

2.1.1. Thai extended family three generation live together

2.1.2. USA diversity of family unit single parent step parents extended family traditional family

2.2. Cultural environment

2.2.1. Thai children display reverence for elderly position of elder family members honor respect

2.2.2. USA equality and individual rights independent behavior individual responsibility and decision making

3. Methodology

3.1. 100 questionnaires

3.1.1. 12 questions 50 Thai companies 50 US companies

3.2. Purposes

3.2.1. to determine employees' perception

3.2.2. to distinguish organizational system from benefits from negative effects

4. Summary of findings

4.1. Comparison of seniority and merit systems

4.1.1. Thai companies 76.08 % employ the seniority-based promotion structure 23.09 % utilize a merit-based system

4.1.2. US companies 75 % employ the merit-based system 25 % utilize a seniority-based promotion system

4.2. Respect for seniority

4.2.1. 79.50 % of Thai respondents

4.2.2. 65 % of US respondents

4.3. Perception that respect for seniority adversely affects the company's efficiency

4.3.1. 35.30 % of Thai respondents

4.3.2. 57.10 % of US respondents

4.4. Perception that seniority-based promotions unfair and retard the company's performance

4.4.1. 70.20 % of Thai employees

4.4.2. 82.70 % of US employees

5. Conclusions and recommendations

5.1. Results of study

5.1.1. Cultural differences in Eastern and Western society US companies merit-based promotion system Thai companies seniority-based promotion structure

5.1.2. Thai employees recognize the negative impact of seniority-based promotion on company performance

5.2. Recommendations for Asian companies

5.2.1. Advantage of merit-based promotion system to attract talented new recruits to promote talented workers to managerial positions to position highly specialized workers increase work productivity improve management control over performance measures

6. Discussion and future research

6.1. Discussion

6.1.1. Seniority-based promotion has negative impact on company performance in a globally competitive market

6.1.2. Seniority-based promotion is relative to Thai structure and operation of family unit

6.2. Future study

6.2.1. To determine how traditional family values can be separated from the structure and operation of the workplace.