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Roles by Mind Map: Roles

1. UI/UX Designers

1.1. Rupal Shirodkar- Mid level-made redundant in last job so available immediately. Salary is negotiable. Relevant work experience. Good profile.Salary is negotiable (a bit desparate and last role paid $110k)

1.2. KristynJenkins- great for diversity- western women- Junior level.Asking for 80 k or $500 daily rate...available from 1st of Oct as finishing a UX study course.Last role finished earlier this month.

1.3. Sudeep- good exp as currently with ATO managing federal govt projects- Senior guy- Bandladeshi accent-but reasonable communicator-asking for $800 daily or 130k plus super

1.4. Carmen - Not so strong- Junior- no financial or banking experience. Available immediately. Asking for 90k or $450 daily rate

1.5. Deeptha-reasonably strong, over 10 + designing experience- Mid to Snr level. Her company is closing down so she is looking for new roles. Asking for $120k plus super or $750 plus super

1.6. Brijesh Negi- senior guy and way confident- asking for $130k plus super or $770

1.7. Pierre Lord- top notch-way to senior, available immediately as just finished off last job. Asking for $160k plus super or $1000 daily rate

2. Fullstack more Backend Java 8,Springboot

2.1. for Digital

2.1.1. Aditya can do a Salesforce Dev role (not too strong in it tough

2.1.2. Jorge Sabogal .Microservices experience.Worked with Angular JS too

2.1.3. Deepak

2.1.4. Aditya

2.2. for BB

2.2.1. Ganesh

2.3. Deepak

2.3.1. Aditya Kartik

2.4. Raaghav

3. Fullstack more Frontend-Angular/React

3.1. Naresh

3.2. Quentin

4. Digital BA

4.1. Dhaval Trivedi- More inclined for mobile apps team but also has web experience.Not much on digital marketing experience. 4 weeks notice asking for $120 k plus super. Not sure if wants to do contracting yet but maybe open

4.2. Arinn Chakravorty-Available immediately-had a break as went home for urgent requirement-looking actively now-asking for 130k or $750. Chatty guy , good communication skills and fairly confident.

4.3. Prabhat -lmtcb

4.4. Kunal-He is based in Brisbane but looking to move back to Sydney as contract finished-available immediately-asking for 120k + super or $770 . Also fairly confident and great in communication.

4.5. Adobe experience

4.5.1. Kathryn Canavan-very Senior-10 yrs+ experience with Adobe design and forms.Available immediately. Asking for $900 per day or $180k package

4.5.2. Debdoutta Roy- good communication- currently Digital BA with COM bank-she is a end to end BA and worked across web and mobile teams.Heads 2 BAs under her and had previous exposure in digital marketing space. Asking for $120k plus super. Not sure if wants to contract but may be convinced to

4.5.3. Pankaj Kumar- confident-contract finishing on 4th oct so available in 2 weeks. Have 4 + years of Adobe experience.Wants only contract roles- asking for $800-$850

4.5.4. Fraz Anjum -available immediately-experience with some Adobe forms and designs .Asking for 120k-130k or $700-$800 . Avg communication.

4.5.5. Varatha-Senior Digital BA with Technical Skills-available immediately. Package 140k-150k or $800-$850 daily rate.South Indian Accent but confident and good communication He messaged that he was interviewed yesterday by Mcquarie and didnt get through.

4.5.6. Jan Boerger- he is a PO so said accidently clicked for BA role?? will let me know later if he wants to try for a Snr BA but is asking for 200k

5. BA with NPP

6. Agile Coach

6.1. Infra Devops

6.1.1. Yogesh for Jr Devops

6.1.2. Amrut-Mid

7. Android Developers

8. SRE for EQX

9. IOS Developers

9.1. Chris Simpson may be considered for IOS (he looks strong)

9.2. Danish Aziz-He is on Spouse visa-Available immediately as moved from Malaysia in July so looking for first break-6 + yrs exp as IOS dev (also 1year exp in Android). No banking of financial sector experience though. Asking for $500-$600 daily rate or $100k plus package.

9.3. Alexey Z- he is "bored" with existing role .He has interviewed last week with MCQ-(interviewed with Mei Ma,Saurabh, and Prasanth)-asking for $850 daily rate of $135k plus super. He has 7 yrs ep- no Android exp- has worked with payments systems for a few years though.

9.4. Sameer S

9.5. BalajiChinnadurai

10. Salesforce Developer

10.1. Eric Lee

10.2. Ranjitha Sreedhar

10.3. Nagalakshmi

11. Java with Micoservices

11.1. Aditya

11.2. Jorge Sabogal

11.2.1. Abhi told that he is already represented by Latitude IT on the 29th of Aug which is earlier than me?

11.3. Kartik

11.4. Raaghav

12. Todays recap

12.1. Kathryn (BA) pulled out of Daniel C's interview

12.1.1. Deb interviewing with Daniel tmrw

12.2. Quentin agreed to phone interview with Kenny today at 3.30pm.

12.3. Still awaiting feedback from Kenny for Ayan and Divyas phone interview

12.4. Recieved SFDC dev profile of Ranjitha from Arun. shared with Ilija

12.5. Chasing Aditya, Ayan and Karthik for interview with Bharat

12.5.1. Ayan agreed Wednesday 1-3.00pm

12.5.2. Kartik not available this week for Bharat

12.5.3. Aditya available for interview this Thursday or Friday

12.6. Deepak and Karthik interviewing with Don Ramos on Thursday and Friday.

12.7. Issue with Roshans extension. Involved Melina as UST saying no confirmation received from MCQ yet and SDP already extended until April next year as per email communication.

12.8. Ajay Sahani our latest perm guy started with EQX today.

12.9. Still chasing Chris Simpson for the IOS dev role interview appt

12.10. Late arvo also recieved 2 more IOS devs ,1 SFDC dev and Fullstack Profile from Arun. Sharing them all today with Ilija.