High Profile Activity or Event

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High Profile Activity or Event by Mind Map: High Profile Activity or Event

1. CCTV Camera

1.1. This Camera can be used in a wide variety of different places to check activity in a place, see whether everything is going on fine and finally to check whether there are any intruders or burglaries

2. Register

2.1. The register tracks the amount of people who are entering/leaving the event at any given moment of time

3. Vote Machine

3.1. The vote machine is a machine which has 4 buttons and 2 options. One of the options is that you can have 2 buttons in use and the other one is that you can have 4. This machine is useful in places like parliment or somewhere where you need multiple inputs or outputs e.g. to see whether somebody likes a product or not such as a new phone

4. Fire Alarm

4.1. The Fire alarm can be used to make sure that people are safe in the event. The way it works is that as smoke enters its chamber, and as it crosses the the path of the light beam, light is scattered by the smoke particles, aiming it towards the sensor and therefore triggering the alarm

5. Metal Detector

5.1. The metal detector can be used to make sure that people aren't smuggling either metal weaponry or bombs into the event

6. X Ray Machine

6.1. The X Ray machines would be similar to the ones that you see in airports which can look through your bag and check that everything is safe and alright` for the event.

7. Alcohol Intake Monitor

7.1. This Machine measures how much alcohol that you drink and if it's over a specified amount, it would contact your close friends and family to make sure that you are alright and to make sure you don't enter kids events or schools etc.

8. Multiple Output Solar Powered Charger

8.1. This Charger will have 10 outputs with 2 permanently attached chargers which would have a USB Type C Charger, Android Charger and Lightning cable, therefore able to charge any phone, and you also have 8 other ports so people in the event can charge their Laptops and other devices too