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Plan by Mind Map: Plan

1. Online Marketing & Monetization

1.1. Channel: Blog

1.1.1. Content: 700+ words to inform & entertain Action: Subscribe to email newsletter

1.2. Channel: Instagram

1.2.1. Content: photos from blog, link to article Action: click through blog article

1.3. Channel: Facebook

1.3.1. Content: 100 word article summary with photo & link to blog Action: click through blog article

1.4. Channel: YouTube

1.4.1. content: 2-4 minute video summarizing article with link to blog Action: subscribe to newsletter

1.5. Channel: Podcast

1.5.1. content: 2-4 miniute audieo summarizing article with link to blog Action: subscribe to newsletter

1.6. Channel: Newsletter

1.6.1. Content: Top online channel info - top articles, videos, upcoming & past offline events, products etc Action: Click through content & products

1.7. Channel: E-book

1.7.1. Content: compilation of articles from blog. compilation of how to run & maintain social media marketing. compilation of how to run & maintain podcast, publish an e-book etc Action: buy e-book & attend events

1.8. TikTok

2. Offline Marketing & Monetization

2.1. Workshop

2.1.1. Low Wasted: Melt & Pour soaps

2.1.2. Low Waste: DIY essential oil perfume blends, solid perfume, DIY solid deo

2.1.3. Low waste: Cold process soap making

2.1.4. Low waste: DIY green cleaning

2.1.5. Low waste: DIY beauty & bathroom swaps

2.1.6. Homestead: pickle

2.1.7. Homestead: urban herb garden

2.1.8. Homestead: solar

2.1.9. Homestead: composting

2.2. Talks

2.2.1. How minimalism reduced my carbon footprint

2.2.2. Homesteading for the urbanite

2.2.3. Local is the new global

2.3. Events

2.4. Products

2.4.1. Bath - soaps, bath bombs, scrubs, serums, oils, perfumes

2.4.2. Home: green cleaning supplies, bath making supplies, handcrafted linens

2.5. Homestay experiences

3. Minimalism Headings

3.1. Home & Garden Topics. Pillar article "5 Things you Need to Know Before you Live in a Minimal Home", (5 insta posts) "13 Reasons Why – You should live in a Minimal [email protected]" (14 insta posts)

3.1.1. Declutter. The Ultimate Guide to Minimizing your Possessions & Living your Best [email protected] (5 insta posts) Decluttering does not equal being minimal* Kitchen. Why you should get rid of your expensive kitchen gadgets. Electronics & Books. 5 easy steps can make you read more & reduce clutter! Minimalism Mantra 5: How to declutter books: * Sentimental items. What I learnt from letting go my family heirloom. Declutter Lesson: It is easier to live with things than the guilt of getting rid of an irreplaceable heirloom* Minimalism Mantra4: Sentimental items. If a thing holds so much space in your heart, it deserves a space in your home.* Guide: 5 steps to declutter gifts & other sentimental items - blog Miscellaneous items. Why having one junk drawer is good for your home (& sanity). Clear out your junk and make space for life in 5 simple steps! All that clutter used to be money* Organized clutter is still clutter* Various methods of decluttering quick slow pack for a move Why am I unable to declutter? - blog Guide to ethical decluttering with animation - blog

3.1.2. Subtopic 2: Decor How to decorate with less Can Minimalists have collections? How to decorate a small home Minimal decor vs Minimal life

3.1.3. Subtopic 3: Organize Organized clutter is still clutter. * All that clutter used to be money Functional organiztion Is organizing just well planned hoarding? - blog

3.1.4. Subtopic 4: Homestead Urban Garden Composting Green cleaning Low Waste Recommended Quick recipes

3.2. Style & Beauty Topics. 5 ways minimalism can make you look memorable!

3.2.1. Subtopic : Closet. Wear counts help make the most of your existing closet and enhance it* These 5 simple steps improved my style & made getting dressed [email protected] Capsule Wardrobe, Uniform A monochrome outfit is not the only minimal outfit* Don't buy it if the only good thing about it is its price* Sustainable Special Occassions. Take your outfit from day to night by not giving a shit.* Fast fashion. You can't make a lasting impression with fast-fashion* Fast fashion. Investing in fast fasion is not a financial investment* Fast fashion - blog Investment piece. What is it really? - blog. What is a wear count & why you should try it - blog Guide to minimizing closet - blog

3.2.2. Subtopic Beauty. Why I only have 12 items in my beauty closet.. collecting beauty products isn't an obtrusiv activity unless you're buying things you'll never use,for an activity you no longer enjoy* Hair. Face: Zero Waste Recipes for the Ultimate at-home Facial Spa! blog Makeup. Body

3.3. Life & Culture Topics

3.3.1. Subtopic 1: Travel Packing Planning

3.3.2. Subtopic 2: Cultural influences History of Minimalism Minimalism in Design Best Books on Minimalism Consumerism & Minimalism Is the economy dependent on the consumer? Do Minimalists Hinder the economy? Are consumerism & minimalism contrary to each other* Minimalists are more deliberate about their consumption* Do minimalists shop? - blog Consumerism - empowering the economy? - blog Consumerism & minimalism - blog Feminism & Minimalsim Complications of being a woman minimalist Best women minimalists India & Minimalism Complications of being an Indian Minimalist The ultimate list of 8 ideas to get your Indian family to go minimal - blog Minimalism & the Indian way of life - blog Indian parenting & minimalism - blog People of color & Minimalism The minimalism movement needs more diversity Festivals & Holidays Gifting Age & Minimalism I"m a teenage minimalist & here's why every teenager should go minimal - blog

3.4. Health & Finances Topics

3.4.1. Subtopic 1: Mental Health 1. Meditation Minimalism & negativity - blog 2. Hobbies & Interests 3. Free time

3.4.2. Subtopic 2: Physical Health 1. Food 2. Exercise & Sport

3.4.3. Subtopic 3: Investing 1. Frugality 2. Saving Contributing to society Emergency Fund

3.4.4. Suptopic 4: Work & Productivity Work & Productivity Can minimalists have fancy jobs? - blog Side Hustle Digital Life & Privacy. Digital Detox. How detoxing digital improved my mental health. Declutter your phone. How decluttering my phone improved my concentration & reduced anxiety Declutter your email. How decluttering my email made me better at my side hustle! Declutter your laptop. How decluttering my laptop made me better at my job.