Tissues of the Human Body

Tissues of the body

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Tissues of the Human Body by Mind Map: Tissues of the Human Body

1. Muscle Tissue

1.1. Muscle Tissue is specialized to contrct and casue movement

1.2. Three main types of muscle tissue

1.2.1. Skeletal muscle What does it Do? This is a voluntary muscle, produce all the movements of body parts in relation to each other, and is connected to bones by tendons

1.2.2. Cardiac muscle What Does it Do? Found in the heart and helps pump the blood through the body

1.2.3. Smooth muscle What Does it Do? Found in the hollow organs, and is involved in the "housekeeping" of the body

2. Epithelium

2.1. Two Types of epithelial tissue

2.1.1. One type forms the outer layer of the skin

2.1.2. Another type lines the air sacs of the lungs

2.2. Epithelium, forms the linings, coverings, and glandular tissue of the body

2.3. The cells are packed tightly to form continuous sheets

3. Connective Tissue

3.1. Connective tissue protects, supports, and binds togther other body tissues.

3.2. This tissue is made up of different types of cells with varying amounts of matrix around the cells (a nonliving substance)

3.3. Examples of Connective Tissue Include:

3.3.1. Bone

3.3.2. Adipose tissue (flat)

3.3.3. Blood

3.3.4. Cartilage

3.3.5. Ligaments and Tendons Tendons: connecting muscle to bone Ligaments: connects bone to bone

4. Nervous Tissue

4.1. Nervous tissue is many specialized cells called neurons that work together to send and receive electrical signals in the body

4.2. Nervous tissue responds to stimuli and then transmits impulses.

4.3. Nervous tissue makes up:

4.3.1. Brain

4.3.2. Spinal Cord

4.3.3. Nerves

5. Muscular System

5.1. Major Organs Include:

5.1.1. The muscles eg. heart, abdominal wall what makes up those muscles: blood vessels tendons nerves muscle examples: Orbicularis Oruli Orbicularis Oris Temporalis

6. Skeletal System

6.1. Major Organs Include:

6.1.1. Bones

6.1.2. Cartilage

6.1.3. Tendons

6.1.4. Ligaments

7. Nervous System

7.1. Major Organs Include:

7.1.1. Brain

7.1.2. Spinal Cord

7.1.3. Sensory Organs

8. Integumentary System

8.1. Major Organs Include:

8.1.1. Skin

8.1.2. Hair

8.1.3. Nails