Adejuwon Oshadipe

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Adejuwon Oshadipe by Mind Map: Adejuwon Oshadipe

1. Visual

1.1. I aspire to create vlogs (Video content on Programming and Design on Youtube next year.)

2. Auditory

2.1. Listening to audio books on topics ranging from web programming, self development and management.

3. Logical - Theoretical

3.1. Through designing a website with a good design template and great integration.

4. Social

4.1. Through immersing myself in a community

4.2. Through lectures an presentations

4.3. To be actively immersed in my community and give back to members via mentor-ship and teachings

5. Reflective

5.1. Through visualizing imaging things that would be eventually.

6. Practical

6.1. Making of web- based apps via the implementation of knowledge web technologies before the end of the year.