Emma Cansdale's Personal Learning Network

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Emma Cansdale's Personal Learning Network by Mind Map: Emma Cansdale's Personal Learning Network

1. Learning

1.1. Social Networking (Twitter)

1.2. Educational Blogs

1.3. Using the internet to my advantage, such as Google

1.4. Attending Conferences such as OAEYC or NAEYC

1.5. Learning from my Colleagues such as teachers in neighboring classrooms or my friends that have gone through BW's education program with me

2. Storing and Processing Information

2.1. When I see things on twitter I can use the Bookmark tool or send it to my fellow educators on twitter and look back on our messages within the website

2.2. Using Google Docs & Google Drive

2.3. Create a personal blog that can be used to store/ organize information or helpful tips

2.4. Using folders within my laptop desktop page

2.5. Using the notes application on my iPhone, MacBook and iPad to have my ideas saved and easily assessable

2.6. Bookmarking Pages on my internet browser

3. Sharing Knowledge

3.1. Using texting, FaceTime and phone calls to share information with my colleagues

3.2. Using my Twitter to share info.

3.3. Emailing