A Brief Overview Of Critical Theory

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A Brief Overview Of Critical Theory by Mind Map: A Brief Overview Of Critical Theory

1. refers to understanding underpinnings of how a society works

1.1. society should lean towards equality and social betterment


2. includes perspectives from indigenous, postcolonial, radicalized, and marginalized individuals

2.1. how knowledge is shared throughout society based.... Columbus vs FN oral sharing of stories

3. opinions [common-sense] VS critical thinking [complex and divergent traditions]

3.1. columbus - how the earth is flat vs round

3.2. language - how language carries many significant and historical meanings and stories

3.3. rocks vs gems

3.4. paper vs money

4. explores inequitable distribution of power and resources among social groups

4.1. heterosexual privilege

4.2. people with learning difficulties are seen as less valuable than people without